Here’s How Loanzen Lends to Small Businesses


You just happened to land at the Loanzen website or somehow through a combination of google search results and webpage redirects, you happened to hear about the ecosystem of “P2P lending” and “invoice discounting” and you are as confused as a penguin in the Sahara can be. That’s not a cause for concern though; most people are, as this is a fairly new concept in the funding space.

That’s exactly what this post is going to be all about; to familiarize you with this environment. So let’s dive right in then. To start with, a P2P or peer to peer lending is a premise where the borrower and lender connect to discuss, evaluate & analyse the credit profile and actuate the loan on the terms agreed upon. The elemental difference between a conventional loan and invoice discounting is that these are easier to access, quicker to process and lent out for shorter durations than bank loans. Loanzen is a market place that aspires to accomplish just that- connect lenders and borrowers in a mutually beneficial manner.
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